Natasha Sond

Solicitor - Mental Health Department & Court of Protection Department

Natasha Sond

Solicitor - Mental Health Department & Court of Protection Department


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Why did you choose to pursue a legal career?

From a young age I have always had a natural want and desire to stick up for classmates and peers. I have always loved a debate which often got me into trouble! As a child, my favourite teacher at school tried to scold me for talking too much in class and I responded that when I became a lawyer I was going to sue him!

What do you enjoy most about your job at Thaliwal Veja?

Being part of a firm that is socially conscious and shows compassion towards ordinary members of the community fighting everyday struggles is something I am proud to be a part of. I work alongside colleagues who are all down to earth and who never lose sight of the human aspect of our work and this is something which I think is invaluable in this area of law. I am also always very proud of the incredible charity work the partners undertake outside of working hours. Being involved in this provides me with a real sense of pride. We also always get samosas, pizza and dessert at every team meeting!

What has been your highest career achievement so far?

My highest achievement is becoming an accredited member of the mental health tribunal panel even prior to qualifying as a solicitor. I was also the National and Welfare Representative on the Junior Lawyers Division and had an article published in the Leicestershire magazine. I was published in the Leicester Mercury as being one of the top 50 people most likely to succeed as a leader in Leicester. 

What are your career plans / ambitions?

Over the last year I have moved from being a mental health solicitor to doing more work in Court of Protection. Court of Protection is an area of law that is fast evolving and developing and being part of the process from the start makes me confident that I will be an expert in this area over time. I am hopeful to ascertain the Court of Protection Accreditation badge which, whilst not mandatory, will further my mark in this area nationally.

A little about you?

I enjoy reading thrillers, socialising in over priced cocktail bars and spending time with my husband and beautiful children.