Retesh Veja

Solicitor - Criminal Department

Retesh Veja

Solicitor - Criminal Department


0116 2745252

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Why did you choose to pursue a legal career?

Iv always enjoyed arguing so took it on as a profession.

What do you enjoy most about your job at Thaliwal Veja?

I work with a passionate team who are client focused. The firm itself has a traditional ‘high street’ vibe and we all try to support local charitable projects. 

What has been your highest career achievement so far?

My first trial, which was a few weeks after I qualified. My client was a youth and was found not guilty for both charges!

What are your career plans / ambitions

I’ve always focused on criminal defence work and will continue to develop myself in that field.

A little about you?

Outside of work, I enjoy pottery, drinking tea and running. I was born and raised in Leicester, so I always try and take part in local events and embrace the local arts.