Sylvanna Lumba

Sylvanna Lumba

Legal Apprentice - Mental Health Department


0116 274 5252

Why did you choose to pursue a legal career?

I have always wanted to pursue a career in law since I was younger as I have always had a natural desire for helping people no matter the situations. I have always enjoyed arguing so I thought to take something I am good at into a profession.


What do you enjoy most about your job at Thaliwal Veja?

I enjoy working with a team that gives their all to their clients and that is what I love. What I enjoy most is being able to help the other solicitors with their cases, getting to speak and know about the different clients we have and receive and also being able to learn new things as the days go on.


What has been your highest career achievement so far?

My highest achievement has been being able to start my legal career journey in a passionate solicitors firm with hardworking solicitors.


What are your career plans / ambitions?

My Career plans are to work my way up to become a solicitor as that has always been my dream job. Having this opportunity to work in a solicitors firm has really helped me and gave me a wide insight of the law industry and this is only the beginning of my legal journey. I can’t wait to carry on in the law industry and see what else comes along the way.


A little about you?

Outside of my work time, I like to be with my Family and Friends. I like going out to different food and cocktail restaurants and travelling. I am a huge Netflix addict I absolutely love it! Also just to mention “How to get away with Murder” has to be my favorite Netflix series!